Actress Kat Keen  

 I've always had a deep admiration for films,  especially the classics. As a young adult, I studied theatre and helped backstage with lighting, set design, and makeup. During rehearsals,  I would often catch myself reading the lines and admiring the art of spoken word. 

When I began modeling in 2016 I realized it was just acting. Telling a story. Coming up with scenarios. Capturing frames of raw emotion and expression. I LOVE it. Everything about it. I'm just beginning the journey.



Produced/ Written and Directed by Christopher Jones

​This empowering film brings awareness to domestic violence. I play the role of Nurse Alex, who is a nurse during the day but alternately works for the mafia. Alex meets a man by the name of Arkin, who is a vigilante, fighting crimes under a crooked justice system. Right when Alex needs it, Arkin helps her and her brother, and finds herself slowly falling for this this Arkin character.This powerful, and gripping film will have you in awe! 
Official Film Trailer Coming Soon