We are all going through changes! As much as I LOVE creating with individuals in person, I am not touring as extensively as I did earlier in my modeling career, and I miss creating with my friends. 

Today, I am finding new ways to do more of what I love, and that means embracing the technology we have at hand, to create art with people all over the world via remote shoots! Remote shooting is a slower way of working, which really helps to provide more quality images! It allows me to get more creative with my space at hand, and work with my variety of wardrobe here at home. 



-LENS: 24-70mm F 4/S


Here's what you need to start: 

-A Laptop computer with Internet Connection 

-Whatsapp/ Facetime/ Zoom 

-A Screen sharing software such as TeamViewer- Which is free


Let's Get Started

Upon scheduling our shoot, we will discuss what you have in mind for our session, and I will then set up my shooting space to our needs. On the day of our shoot, I will call you on Whatsapp or Facetime. I will then provide you a code on TeamViewer which will allow you to connect and control my Macbook Pro computer. The camera will be connected to the laptop via a tether cable and the Nikon software so you can control the camera. We will be shooting in Live View Mode so you will see everything the camera sees. You tell me, or my assistant where you'd like the tripod/ lights placed. 

Images area shot in RAW and JPEG. The raws are written to the memory card, and the Jpegs to my laptop. I will send all raws, and Jpegs via Dropbox after our shoot. You will have 100% copyright of the images


The Shooting Space

Upon scheduling I'll send you photos of my space. Photos will mainly be taken at my home which has a variety of different sets including a clawfoot bathtub, and different themed rooms. On occasion, I will rent a unique studio space or Airbnb. 

Backdrops white, black, blue and orange are available. 


- I am available for 2,3, and 4 hour shooting sessions @ $140/hr

- Full Payment is due in advance when scheduling 

- Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice are non-refundable. 

- Please respect my range from glamour to artistic nude (More @ Rates and Policies Page

- I have the right to remove images that may be too revealing ( This is rarely done, only if it's an accidental shot) 

- I do not consent to screen recordings, or screenshots during the shoot

-Please notify me if you need a signed model release

Contact Me at KatarinaKeenModel@gmail.com if you'd like to schedule a Remote Viewing Session!