What's It Like to Be An Art Nude Model?

Art Nude Modeling 2015

I first started out modeling four years ago. I saw an ad online looking for art nude models and something inside me didn’t hesitate to respond. Within a week I was standing in front of a college class room full of people. That was when I took all my clothes off, and held a pose, while being painted by a dozen artists. I traded my time to get free classes, to draw the other figures that would come in.

The diversity of the models just astonished me. Of all ages, shapes and sizes. In particular, a very large woman came in one day. She was curvy, and so confident. I was so captivated by her body, and how much of a challenge it was to draw her. All the lines, shapes, and shadows, contoured her being. The raw human form. I became transfixed by the art of the nude, and from this class I gained an open awareness towards nudity, and a deep respect for the body.

As for the structure of the art class, there were four two minute poses dedicated to gesture and expressive poses. These poses are lively, and full of motion- I am so thankful I am good at yoga, because that helped me still my mind, and find my center of balance. I decided to distribute my weight evenly at first, and slowly work my way up to my balancing acts. It's also nice because you have the pose time to think about the next pose you will get in to. After the two minute poses I went into two half hour poses, these were either sitting or laying down. Next I went into a one hour pose, and wrapped it up afterwards. Since I was trading my time I didn't get the $60 dollars the average art model would get for 2.5 hrs, but I did get $30 in tips! The artists were genuine, there was a little heater in case I got cold, I could take breaks if I was tired. I thought to myself, "Holy Shit! I'm making money getting naked for painters! Can this really be my dream Job?

This experience literally shifted my perception! Just the simple act of allowing myself to be vulnerable, opened up so many avenues- and made me into who I am today.

I know that many people will not agree with this idea. “She got naked in front of a bunch of people?!?” But shit, I was the piece of art that artisans got to study, and recreate on their canvas. It was my damn honor to be the focal point of so many masterpieces! I’m just sharing my experience- and I go even further into my Youtube Rant video but if you are considering it, I wouldn't be one to turn it down.

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