Top Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Models

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Here are just a few tips and techniques for all you lovely models out there! Hope you enjoy :)

1.) Build a Killer Portfolio for you work- Update it regularly.

2.) Stick with your look. That's why they want YOU. It's definitely good to switch it up sometimes, but if someone booked me, and I showed up with purple hair it might not fly.

3.) Get down with Social Media! Link all of your sites together. Build a website once you are established-Get on the SEO game. Start a YouTube Channel for extra Promo.

Use Hashtags as a Tool! #chicagomodel, #travelingmodel, #artnudemodel, #highfashion

Tag your favorite magazines on your best photos too!

4.) Keep a Calendar! Holy #%$^@&. A must.

5.) Run background checks on photographers you are working with if its outside of an agency. SAFETY IS KEY. Check to see if they are verified or ask them for model references. I like to think that models are here to help you! We are in this together ladies! (I'm working on building a master list of photographers I trust. I will keep you posted if you'd like a copy of the list)

6.) Embrace Rejection! Own it, Love it but be aware that this industry can harden you. Don't get jaded! Try Harder. Make them wish they had hired you, or signed you.

7.) Practice your poses in the mirror. Your Walk. Your expressions. Never stop being creative. (There will be an entire Blog Post Linked to Poses coming Soon! I will link it here)

8.) TFP means Trade For Print. When I first started out I did some trade work to build my portfolio and get comfortable in front of the camera, but now I don't do any trade unless it is my concept. I will consider it if hosting and travel expenses are provided.

9.) Be professional. Answer your phone calls and emails. Commit to your work. Show up on TIME.

10.) HIGHLY consider creating an alias to separate your personal life from your business life to protect yourself.

11.) You are more than just a pretty face! Set your limit, and don't let people push you into doing ANYTHING you don't want to.

12.) Define what you want to do. High Fashion, Commercial, Art Nude, Acting, Brand Amabassador

13.) Know that social media is your most powerful influence but, and are good tools to see possible castings in your area, and work with verified photographers. For acting I use,, and but there are SO many more!

14.) Always Bring Tampons for that unexpected period.

15.) If you are a traveling model, ask if there is any wardrobe in particular that you should bring to your shoots. Always bring a robe. You can ask about makeup, but normally they inform you if they want a certain look. Other times a makeup artist, and wardrobe may be provided.

16.) Once you get a good fan base you can earn some extra cash by building a Patreon account. at Your Patrons will commit to paying you a certain amount of money per month for set tiers, whether it be $5 a month for access to your blog, $10 a month for behind the scenes pics, $20 a month for Snapchat and Private Instagram Access, $30 for a signed Print! It's a great way to make some extra money.

17.) Bring Wet Wipes to clean your feet! No one likes to photoshop your dirty little feet.... Well,.. I'm sure there's someone out there lol.

-So many More Tips and Tricks are in the Works!

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