Skydiving with Kat Keen

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

When you're jumping out of an airplane sometimes the sights aren't as pretty! I survived my tandem skydive! 

So there's a crazy story behind this video, besides the fact that I'm in Vegas, jumping 15,000 feet out of an airplane with a large man strapped to my back.  

First things first, is narrowing down the right place to skydive. My friend and I were calling around to multiple different places to check prices and availability. We come to find out that the mass sum of the people we called are unlicensed people with private planes who  take you up so you can jump... which is XTREMLY sketchy. After some more calling we finally found a legit, and licensed place to skydive! VEGAS XTREME SKYDIVING! All of the reviews were great, but this is when another thought crossed my mind, How can people make reviews if they are dead from.. oh, I don't know.. a minor skydiving accident?  Just a thought (; At this point we have to much time invested to bail out now. 

So we get to Vegas Xtreme Skydiving and start watching a video to bring about awareness that we might die, and they don't have insurance. We sign a part of our souls away and begin to put our skydiving gear. I then begin to think about the possibility of nude skydiving.... because.. well you all know who I am (;  As I'm gearing up, there is a pro-diver blonde-babe who has dived more than 500 times, and uses bat suits to fly. She starts talking about how if you're skydiving, and its raining you can actually hit the sharp side of the raindrop and it can cut through your windbreaker! So, I scratch the idea of nude skydiving. Sorry guys!

Once we're all ready to go, we get into the plane, and begin the gradual lift off. Buildings became ants, and the ants became specs of dust in an endless desert.. but we kept going further and further up. There are some butterflies in my stomach but I'm not nearly as nervous as I should be. The big guy who I was tandem skydiving with then asks me to sit between his legs so he can strap me onto him. The straps so tight that there is just enough room to try to breath. A chemical soup of endorphin's, adrenaline and cortisol grows inside me as I wait for the, "OK, GO!" 

Right before it was our turn  to jump out of the plane, the guy that I'm diving with starts talking in my ear. He says, "You know what I do when I get done with work? I like to watch my wife lather herself in peanut butter... so my dog can lick it off." You've got to be kidding me! Right after this he said, "Hurry up, cross your arms like Elvis, play dead!" Then we went hurdling 15,000 ft from the plane. Though what he said to me stuck in my mind forever, I think it was a good way to distract me, and disorient me from what I was about to do. You can even see it on my face before I jump out, that "Huhhh, peanut butter?  Jumping out of plane now?" kind of face.

Also, in all the reviews I read they said it feels like your floating(at least from those who didn't die)... so while I'm expecting peace and rainbows, I'm trying to catch loose skin as the wind cuts my face like a knife. It was exhilarating! When he pulled the chute, it gave me more of a chance to admire the chemical storm in my body, and the dessert surrounding. The jump was literally less than five minutes...but it changed my life! 

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