Skydiving with Kat Keen

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

Just made a little vid about my skydiving experience! Check it out :) Sorry the quality isn't the best! ( See it Below)

That's my nervous face! That's my, "I just signed my life away and these people don't even have insurance," face. Throwback to jumping 15,000 feet out of an airplane in Vegas. What a wild story..and I'm so glad to be alive. Also, when people say it feels like you are floating, just remember that that's when the parachute opens. When you first jump, your face stretches in ways you didn't know was possible. Like a dog with its face out the window x 1000, and it does hurt. I still don't think it's quite right to this day...funny thing is, I would do it again in a heartbeat! Things to keep in mind-It is tricky to find a legit place in Vegas to skydive, lots of sketchy private planes. Also, when reading reviews on places to skydive, remember... You can't make a review if you're dead lol. On that note, live each day likes it your last, and as the smoking man once said, Trust no one! (from X-files)


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