Photo by Katlyn Art

Coffee jitters and the colorful filth in the city of seattle. Sleepless nights and rainy days. It Smells of teens spirit and purple haze. Long and gnarly haired loitering hippies lean on walls to hold up their crumbling foundations. To make up for the endless wet days of depression Seattle has countless gay rainbows, erotic fantasies, rich chocolates, and more cafes than bars. Trolls hide under the bridges here, and children play in the Dr.Seuss Grassy Knolls of abandoned Gas tanks. People are fragile, but bear leather and denim clad as armor. @ pikes place there is a myriad of free samples, and I keep walking back and forth, switching my fleetwood mac hat and Lennon glasses to get more and more fresh peach slices. This place is lovely. Beautiful. Unique. Real. Seattle.

-Artist on the Edge

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