Poetry: Corruption

The first of my poetry books will be about love, vulnerability, and the body. As for the next one.... well the next one will take a darker turn pulling back the veil shed over society. It will help to bring awareness to corruption, drugs, and domestic violence. If you'd like to help support my poetic journey to get these books published, you can donate on my Blog Page!

Thank you for your contributions! xoxoxo

Photo of Katarina Keen. Taken by Katlyn Art!
Photo by Katlyn Art


Rudimentary functions, programmed to evolve. From the knuckle dragging neanderthal, to the blissful conformist, who adds another brick to the wall.

To the conditioned consumption.

The bar-coded branding like puppets conducted. To the kids given ipads to distract, entertain and subliminally stimulate, rather than a tool to educate.

Don’t be Blind.

It is a metal masquerade of mental chatter, and in it’s shadow we hide.

We’re just humanity tamed, trying for chess, yet we are the pawns being played.

Like a slave to the system we waste time that we should save but won’t.

Distracting us from true connection.

Fed the answers to questions that we should ask, but don’t.

I’m finding flaws in perfection.

I'm finding freedom in curiosity.

The truth will unravel.

I'm finding power in knowledge,

To write the next chapter.

-Artist On The Edge

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