I love all of me, Especially my scars

I don’t have tattoos I have scars. It may be a simple click to photoshop them out, but I live with them forever and I’ve learned to love them. It is what makes me who I am. It shows my struggle, and my strength. It shows my story. My phases, and my growth. Even if it had bad memories associated, I’ve come to accept them. Has it stopped me from being a successful model? Not at all ♥️ If anything it shows I’m real, it shows I’m human. It shows I’ve made mistakes, and I wear my struggle with honor.

I love all of me, especially my scars.

Say it:

I accept myself for who I am

I love ALL of me

I am worthy of love

I am confident

I am proud of myself

I feel beautiful, I am beautiful

I am a fucking badass superhuman! Haha




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