How it All Started

My life as an artist changed when I took a figure modeling classes in college. People of all different colors, sizes, and ages would go up on stage nude, and allow us to paint them. To see the light  dance off their wrinkles, rolls, and curves was the most beautiful thing in the world to me. The naked body is beauty. Then I tried it. Out of confidence and curiosity I took off all my clothes, and got on stage. I was the subject of their art. It was the most naturally invigorating, and adrenaline filled feeling. I continued to figure model for a year, trading my time as a model for free painting classes. I became aware of the different aspects of lighting,  different posing techniques, and angles until I fully set my focus towards modeling for photographers. With my combined posing and theatre skill I  slowly started to build my portfolio, and eventually began my first modeling tour! I now get to travel the United States, and eventually the world, creating and sharing art with others around me!  

Painting by Royce D.

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