Art by LongdogArt

My name is Katarina Keen, and I have been a traveling model for the last five years. I began modeling for a college class in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I was painted by dozens of artists as I held a pose for sometimes over an hour. I would also paint the figures that came in.


The diversity of the models just astonished me. It was so beautiful the way the light, lines, shapes and shadows fell on their bodies. The raw human form. I became captivated by the art of the nude, and from this class I gained an open awareness, and a deep respect for the body. I then got into photography work both in front of, and behind the camera- I've been learning ever since. 


I am so passionate about this career, and I like to think it reflects in my images. From fine art to glamour, fashion to acting in small films, I am versatile, and so very expressive!


Outside of modeling I am an artist, web designer- So it’s amazing to have found a career to channel my many creative outlets. My goal with modeling is to impact peoples lives in a positive way, and cultivate connections through the arts.